So awesome. My thoughts (very minor spoilers)

1) Proof that Joss Whedon is a genius: I didn’t hate Gwenyth Paltrow for the first time ever. Potts & Stark have actual chemistry for the first time in 3 movies.

2)Mark Ruffalo – best Dr Banner? I vote yes. I looooves me some Bill Bixby, but he’ll always be Mr. Eddie’s Father to me. And while the actors in the Hulk TV show were excellent, the show itself isn’t all that good.

3) It’s cute how often they get Scarlett Johanssen’s ass into the shot. It IS a great view, but it does get funny after a while.

4) Why do I always find the bad guy sexy? What the hell is wrong with me? Oh well, RDJr is there to distract me back to the light (sort of) side.

5) Black Widow’s first fight is in a cocktail dress, but SHE FIGHTS SANS HEELS! You see her picking them up again as she walks out. Oh Joss Whedon, you really do listen…

6) I want chicken shawarma now. That after-credits scene is cute, but if you have to pee really bad, it’s not THAT cute.

7) I like how they make battle look dirty, brutal, hard … not “glorious” at all. I do like stupid explody popcorn action flicks, but Avengers is a movie that wanted to be taken seriously, and that’s a good start, especially for a superhero flick.

8) I never subscribed to any Avengers comic titles, but I did get Hawkeye’s solo books. He was always my favorite. Before the movie came out I saw a lot of people post wondering how they were going to handle making a “wimpy” char like Hawkeye not lame. I was never worried. I was glad to see the stupid purple suit gone, though.

9) I cannot put into words how much I love Banner’s how-I-stay-not-green tactic. “You see, the trick is … I’m always angry.” Martial arts-like, instead of fighting against the anger, trying to stop it like a dam, he lets it flow. Sometimes, it gets too strong and sweeps him away, like in the plane. Other times, he can direct it, like in the final battle. Good advice for all of us that have a slight temper.

I should probably watch “Captain America” and “Thor” at some point. I have, of course, seen the two “Iron Man” movies. You’re not lost if you haven’t seen any of them, but they did reference a couple of things that I’m curious about now.

But, yeah. Two thumbs up.