Organizing is one thing. The local science march keeps posting images from other marches saying things like “This isn’t the tone we want for our march, but I thought you guys would get a laugh.” There was a discussion (I didn’t see it, but apparently someone discussed it) about how “we shouldn’t express negativity” because “we won’t be taken seriously.” Oh really? Says who? Where’s your proof, science nerd?

Because when the Tea Partiers and churches spouted anger, YOU didn’t take them seriously? Because when Trump would say shit like “I could murder someone and still get elected”, you thought that that was ridiculous? Yeah. And the only thing all that anger got them? THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY.

I have every right to be angry at the people who are destroying my country. I feel fully justified in expressing rage at the dismantling of laws, rights, and entire departments, of incompetent people buying their way into the cabinet, at the absolutely TERRIFYING thought of an executive order banning anyone from reviewing the President’s executive orders for constitutionality.

I once dated someone who, when I got mad, would say “I’m not listening to you until you stop yelling.” He was far and away more concerned about controlling my tone rather than acknowledging that I was really, really upset with him. I won’t stick around for that in a relationship – ANY relationship, even one amongst volunteers.

Do not go gentle into that good night, America.
Rage against hate.
Rage against incompetence.
Rage against greed.
Rage against hypocrisy.
It’s still a free country, for now.

If you’re not comfortable with anger, then by all means, don’t react with anger. What works for me may not work for you. But don’t tell me that I’m protesting “wrong”. Liberals tearing at each other over minute is how we got here in the first place. People didn’t LIKE Hillary Clinton, so Hillary supporters hid in secret Facebook groups where they wouldn’t have to get yelled at for it. Meanwhile, people I’ve been friends with for decades were literally screaming at me for not being in love with Sanders. And just look at what that got us all … well, not the whole damn country, that’s for sure.

MY social media icons declared “I’m with Her”. If I’m going to stand up, I’m not going to be quiet about it. I’m not going to limit my stance to “pro-science”, because that’s like being “pro-breathing” – if you’re against it, you’re a dumbass.

And I’m going to tell them so.

Whether you other marchers like it or not.