Today is not that day.

Have you ever sat through a movie you’re not enjoying just to figure out exactly WHY? Almost done with “Pineapple Express” right now. I never really knew what the plot was, but I did hear people saying it was funny. I love Seth Rogan & ESPECIALLY James Franco. The whole movie is filled with actors I’ve fallen in love with in TV shows. Hell, it starts out with James Remar & Bill Hader, you don’t get better beginnings than that. Still, I’m not amused.

Is it because I don’t find stoners funny? While this is true in real life, there are movies that I like, such as “Harold and Kumar”, which I adore. Is it the creepy ‘grown man dating a high school chick’? No, that’s not it. I mean yes it’s creepy, but the main character is breaking so many other laws that it’s hard to pick the one that’s the most illegal. Her parents willing to sit down to dinner with him creeps me out more.

The movie is 3/4s of the way through before I figure it out. It’s the whole “Comedy of Errors” thing. Where the whole story is based on a series of misunderstandings that never would have happened if people would just fucking listen and/or not jump to conclusions. My dislike of this story device goes all the way back to the original “Comedy of Errors” play by Shakespeare. Admittedly when I read it the first time, I was very young & likely didn’t get a lot of it. Plus, it wasn’t really written to be read like a book. I just sat there being sad for the characters “Oh, poor little dudes!” Later, in college, I’d go to see the play, and I did find parts of it funny.

That’s also the difference in what sitcoms I like & don’t like. Now, it’s a common device, but in your series, is it EVERY DAMN EPISODE? If you’re “Three’s Company”, the answer is yes (it’s true, I’m old). It’s popular to dislike “Friends” at this point, but I’m not embarassed to say that I enjoyed stupid stuff like debates on which celebrity you’d let your significant other sleep with, and what happens when they walk in to the establishment. “You’re going to let him go over there?” “Let him? I’m just sorry I don’t have popcorn.” Also, Smelly Cat.

And that’s all I really have against this movie. There’s a lot of unrealistic stuff happening here at the end, but it’s a stupid comedy, not a documentary. Just because I’m not laughing, doesn’t mean I think the writing is bad, it’s just not my taste. I can see why people would like it. I am happy, though, that FX is making it up to me now by showing “Tropic Thunder”.