Getting stuff accomplished … but still not the stuff I intended to get done. No new hair clippies, but I have a potential voice-over gig, potential new boy dance partner, and maybe finally getting some pics taken of the clothes I’ve been making. It’s hard to take those yourself, lol. Especially my ‘pinup’ dress; as I was writing this, I received my application to be a model for Vintage Vixens of Arizona! I had some truly awesome swimsuit pics taken a few months ago … maybe someday I’ll even get copies of them, heh.

Woke up with the beginning of a headache, but I’m carrying my bottle of Ascriptin around the house with me, so I staved it off. Used it again after taking an afternoon nap … maybe it’s trying to sleep that’s bad for me! If there was a way to function without it, I would have found out YEARS ago. Seriously, I have stuff to do.

I need to get started on my fundraising for buying the former Paper Heart building before someone else does. Yes, it’s been sitting there for years already, but all my life whenever I have an idea, I’ll see it out somewhere within the next year. Thomas Edison beleived that all of our thoughts went out into “the ether” … apparently, mine are easy to pick up! So, yeah, need to get crackin’ on that fundraising.

Well, off to try that elusive “sleep” thing again. Wish me luck!